Hemlock Concept Art

This is the concept art for my graduation project at Seneca Game Art & Animation. I was in charge of all 2D visual elements.
You can check my 3Ds modeling and final look of the project here: https://nguyenchi.artstation.com/projects/lJWO5?album_id=1127355

Nguyen chi layer 101211

Final Box Art design

Nguyen chi conceptart color front

Diorama (front)

Nguyen chi conceptart color back

Diorama (back)

Nguyen chi chinguyen dgsceneconceptarta 2ndpassver1
Nguyen chi chinguyen dgsceneconceptartb 2ndpassver1
Nguyen chi chinguyen dgsceneconceptarta 1stpassver1

Diorama draft (front)

Nguyen chi chinguyen dgsceneconceptartb 1stpassver1

Diorama draft (back)

Nguyen chi chinguyen dreamgame boxart 1stpass ver1

Box Art concept (draft)